28 April 2013

Beloved (2011)

Beloved (2011)
Director: Daniel Zinkant
Writer: Daniel Zinkant
Genre: Short movie
COuntry: UK Duration: 5 min
Year: 2011
Staring: Adam Loyd James, Emily Fretwell, William Hobby

Dan is young and dreams of love. In this beautifully made short on gay love we are let into his world, experiencing the beauty he sees and so desires. Flicking between two worlds of fantasy and real-life, we feel his pain of unrequited love.
This is a magical tale of a young mans unrequited love.
from Suited and Booted Studios
Beloved was made through the First Light Studio Award, a group of 15-19 year olds worked together to produce the film which was written by a young person.
The film has been screened at film festivals across the world and has won numerous awards.

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