14 September 2012



“SAY MY NAME!” is a contemporary Black British Gay Love Story set amidst a gritty grimy urban backdrop of ‘street’ reality. The storm kicks off when ‘rude-bwoy’ Ricky blanks his undercover lover Chris while hanging ‘on road’ with his crew because he is afraid being ‘outed’.

Hurt, humiliated, and exploding with fury the ignored Chris confronts his down-low man in a brutally explicit, no holds barred fight in which issues of masculinity, sexuality, race, self definition, love and God are confronted.

With their relationship in the balance Ricky is forced to face his deepest darkest most inner feelings.

“To be or not to be”…OUT!

That is the question???

Chris in love with a man and in the midst of coming to terms with his homosexuality suddenly finds himself unable to deny his true feelings. “Love means doing the right thing no matter what” but does Ricky love him enough to break taboo and go against community, tradition and the laws of the ‘street’?

“SAY MY NAME!” is a love story in the truest sense.

A story of self love and what must be sacrificed in order to achieve this ultimate state of being…



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