06 June 2008

Forgive and Forget (2000)

Forgive and Forget (2000)

Možete li zamisliti sebe u Sanja Talk Show na RTL HR kako svom najboljem drugu sa kojim ste odrasli kažete kako ga volite i da ste peder!?
I da prije toga svojim najbližima i prijateljima kažete da obavezno to gledaju.
Kakav coming out! Postali bi ste estradna zvjezda svih homofoba koji bi naravno otrčali kući da gledaju reprizu emisije.
Nije mi jasna poenta coming outa, a još manje ovako javnih. Ako baš nekome oćete reći zar to ipak nije bolje onako u četiri oka, a ne trubiti pred cjelim svjetom: JA SAM PEDER !

U ovom televizijskom filmu možete vidjeti upravo to. U jednom talk show na tv "Forgive and Forget " ( oprosti i zaboravi ) nakon 14 godina prijateljstva David kaže Theu ja sam peder i volim te!
Najgluplja stvar na svjetu. Promijeniti svoj život na tako teatralan način, nanoseći bol svima oko sebe pred kojima ste čuvali svoju najmračniju tajnu čitav život se može nazvati jedino Glupošću !
Sve u svemu jaka drama sa zaista dobrom glumom, svih aktera. Posebno mi se dopao ovaj što glumi pedera. A i muzika u filmu je odlična.

Director: Aisling Walsh
Writer: Mark Burt (writer)
Release Date: 3 January 2000 (UK)
Genre: Comedy | Drama

Plot Keywords: Best Friend | Betrayal | Closeted Homosexual | Coming Out | Love

(Cast overview, first billed only)
Steve John Shepherd ... David O'Neil
John Simm ... Theo
Laura Fraser ... Hannah
Maurice Roëves ... Michael O'Neil
Ger Ryan ... Ruth O'Neil
Meera Syal ... Judith Adams
Nikki Amuka-Bird ... Emma
Annette Bentley ... Michelle
Isabella Marsh ... Gabby
Roger Griffiths ... Carlton
Stephen Graham ... John
Huggy Leaver ... Paul
Charles De'Ath ... Alex (as Charlie De'Ath)
June Page ... Carol
Paul Panting ... Gerry

Runtime: 100 min
Country: UK
Language: English

Company: Scottish Television Enterprises

Written by: Kage Alan

While there are still a large number of people who would prefer that gays and lesbians keep their orientation to themselves, there are times when doing so creates far more hurt, confusion and loss than is worth the silence.
Friendships end, families fall apart and lives change dramatically when someone comes out. Granted, it doesn't happen that way every single time, but it's the ones where it does that leave such a bitter aftertaste. Wouldn't things be simpler if there was a way to come out earlier in life without it being a spectacle or considered some devastating announcement? Might it make life a little bit easier down the road?

David O'Neil (Steve John Shepherd, "Star Wars: Episode II") and Theo (John Simm, "Human Traffic") have been best friends for 14 years. They work for David's father doing plastering and other various construction duties, hang out at the bars together, jog and check out the local available singles. This has been the way of things for a long time and it's a comfortable routine. Unfortunately (and there's always something unfortunate that crop up), Theo falls for a young woman named Hannah (Laura Fraser, "A Knight's Tale"), which means there's less time for David.

While close friends often go through a period when their routines are nterrupted because a romantic partner enters the picture, this one hits David hard because he's in love with Theo and has never felt comfortable saying anything about it. Nobody would ever suspect David of being gay either because there's nothing stereotypical about him, so his actions come much more as a shock to us than they should. When Theo declares his love for Hannah and moves in with her, David uses his knowledge of the couple to play on their fears and tear them apart. His actions aren't based on hate so much as he feels that Theo is a kindred spirit and that they, not Theo and Hannah, should be together. It's only at the end when David announces on a TV talk show called "Forgive and Forget" that everything comes out and he faces the consequences of his actions.

The characters in the film are extremely well written and are flawed in very real ways. David is too butch to be suspected as queer and too blinded to fully understand what he's doing to his friend, Theo makes the mistake of lying to Hannah and Hannah can't get past a previous relationship (where she was cheated on) long enough to see that Theo is everything he says he is.
The end of the film, though brutal, is something I could see actually occurring between these characters. The closing seconds are a bit confusing, however.

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