01 April 2008

X 2000 (1998) - shot movie, 8 min

X 2000 (1998) - shot movie, 8 min

Nekako ovih dana bas nemam vremena za gledanje filmova. Nakupilo mi se posla pa kada dodjem doma nije mi nidočega.
Zato ujutro pogledam koliko mogu , a ovi kratki filmovi su idealni za to! François Ozon, mi je hit ovih dana!:)
Ovaj kratki film od 8 minuta je zaista remek dijelo. U tako tako malo vremena, u filmu bez riječi rečeno je tako mnogo.
François Ozon, je savršeno uhvatio trenutak nakon dočeka nove godine. Mamurluk, seksualna napetost koja nije splasnula jos od sinoć pri čemu baš i nismo spremni nizašta drugo sem kafe i tumaranja po stanu.
u blogu imate cijeli film.

Director: François Ozon
Writer: François Ozon (writer)
Genre: Short

Plot Keywords:
Twins / Ants / Millennium / Female Frontal Nudity / Gay Interest

(Complete credited cast)
Denise Aron-Schropfer ... The woman (as Denise Schropfer Aron)
Bruno Slagmulder ... The man
Lucia Sanchez ... A lover
Flavien Coupeau ... A lover
Lionel Le Guevellou ... A twin
Olivier Le Guevellou ... A twin

Runtime: 8 min
Country: France

A very short film of 8 minutes.It's morning and the characters are sleeping it off after a New Year's Eve party. We all know the feeling and understandably there is little dialogue. Francois Ozon who wrote and directed the film has his naked characters wandering listlessly around the high-rise apartment. While drinking his "Alka-Seltzer" the man watches a couple engaging in sex in a neighbouring apartment. When he drops his glass and gathers up the broken pieces he spots a crawling mass of large black ants underneath the kitchen bin. He seems dazed at the sight of them and exclaims to his girl friend that the ants are attacking. Francois Ozon is in one of his teasing moods, I think. He only tells so much, leaves so much unsaid. It's strange when you come to think of it that the ants could appear on the umpteenth storey, and do they have any significance? I think Ozon is leaving it to each of us to finish off the film as we would have it. As it is, it's just an unfinished fragment begging for an ending!l

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