15 October 2015

Kiss Me Softly (2002)

Kiss Me Softly (2002) 
"Kus me zachtjes" (original title)

Director: Anthony Schatteman
Writer: Anthony Schatteman
Genre: Short movie
Country: Belgium
Language: Dutch, Flemish
Duration: 16 min
Year: 2002

Stars: Ezra Fieremans, Tim Bogaerts, Marijke Pinoy 

17 year old Jasper lives in a very grey, small town. In his family, he cannot be himself. Jaspers dad is a singer, named Lukkie Luk. All the attention in the family goes to his career. Jasper searches a way to handle this and is faced with the typical questions in the live of an adolescent. Questions that will not be answered when he stays in his own routine.

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