20 May 2015

A Little Comfort (2004)

justereconfort_dvdgfA Little Comfort (2004)
"Juste un peu de réconfort..." (original title)

Director: Armand Lameloise
Writer: Armand Lameloise
Genre: Short movie
Country: France
Duration: 38 min 
Year: 2004

Stars: Arthur Moncla, Rémi Bresson, Élodie Bollée

Someone deserves more comfort............A lot more...
Author: arizona-philm-phan from Arizona - IMDB

juste-un-peu-de-reconfort-Armand-Lameloise-outplayfilms-film-gay_08All you romantics out there can take your own little comfort in this great short feature. It's one that can make us all feel young again (oh, gosh, do we really want that?).
Poor little Arnaud, he's a real sweetie. He pretty much knows, sexually, who he is and what he wants, but it's the desire for the who-he-wants that's giving him problems. And, unfortunately for his peace of mind, the "hotness" of that desire manifests itself.....even during sleep (though Mom is very sympathetic at a time like that, does she actually realize the problem's cause........hmm, perhaps more than we know).
Arnaud, of course, must make one of life's first common mistakes, one which so many of us make: choosing the wrong object of desire, the wrong person to fixate on. And, here, this reviewer's interpretation of Guillaume's role in Arnaud's life is at polar opposites from the opinion expressed by another viewer/writer on this site. In my eyes, G. is the epitome of the "mixed-up kid" (and, perhaps with good reason, considering his family/home situation). He's a tease, concerned primarily with his own gratification, and, in the end, is someone who can relate to our sweet little hero only if pretense is involved (the nature of that pretense you'll easily discover with your own eyes.....er.....uh.....I mean, ears).
In concluding this little reflection of mine on teen life (a life-period which often needs more than the title's little comfort), let me say we can only hope that the angel of a cyclist who appears at film's end is there to provide much more than just 'a little comfort' to our Arnaud. He deserves it.
PS--Pulling us right into the scenes with him, Arthur Moncla does a great job with his character of Arnaud.......especially considering he was only about 17 at the time (yeah, more like 17 going on 40).

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