27 March 2015

Sebastian Castro - You're Gay ( 38 Degrees )

BASED ON REALLY REAL EVENTS Once upon a time... a little gay boy had a very big crush on a straight boy.. try as he might he couldnt get the straight boy to notice him.. so he cooked up a magical potion that turned everyone who drank it GAY... well they wouldnt automatically turn gay thats just stupid and makes no sense.. first they seizure like a vagina in heat... and THEN they turn gay Before little gay boy knew it.. the virus was spreading faster than the legs of those cheerleaders he couldnt compete with... cute boys from all over the world were turning gay... and just when he thought this gay zombie apocalypse couldnt get any better... the straight boy that started this whole mess turned gay too and they road off into the sunset... and kissed a lot and made babies... real ones... and they lived happily ever after ℗ 2013 Bubbleseb Entertainment Inc

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