31 March 2014

Longtime Companion (1989)

ccLongtime Companion (1989)


Director: Norman René
Writer: Craig Lucas
Genre: Drama
Country: USA
Language: English
Duration: 96 min
Year: 1989


Stars: Stephen Caffrey, Patrick Cassidy, Brian Cousins, John Dossett, Mary-Louise Parker




Well acted film on A.I.D.S.
Author: guil fisher from New York City, NY,  15 December 2001 - IMDB

1Following in the footsteps of AN EARLY FROST, here is yet another film with an AIDS theme to reckon with. Unlike FORST [which actually dealt with a gay couple and their parents] this deals with the gay community and several lover relationships. What I like about this film, and I did like FROST, was the honesty in telling the story of relationships.

We are introduced to a group of gay friends and their mates, who spend much time together in vacationing on Fire Island, the gay resort, and in the hospital visitng each other when stricken with the unknown disease that has become a plague amongst us today. The actors brought their own individual depth to each character.

I couldn't find a bad performance in the lot. Notably Bruce Davison stands out. He brings such an understanding and compassion to his work. You really believe him as he becomes his partner's companion in the last days of his life. The scene when he tells him it's okay to leave, was awesome.

2How can you separate the good actors from acknowledgement. Campbell Scott and Stephen Caffrey, Patrick Cassidy [and that famous kissing scene on the soap he was acting in] gave such a wonderful scene when he's in his lover's hospital room and begins to break down. The face of his lover as he listens to him cry broke my heart. John Dossett, Mark Lamos and Dermot Mulroney [and I'm not sure what actor played what role] all gave so much honesty to their work. A great ensemble of players, a delicate and honest script about a controversial disease that has by this time taken the lives of millions of young people [gay and straight], excellent direction and well photographed, I highly recommend this to everybody to see. You'll come away with a different attitude about not only gay life, but the killing disease.


11 March 2014

Silent Youth (2012)

Silent-YouthSilent Youth (2012)

Director: Diemo Kemmesies
Writer: Diemo Kemmesies
Genre: Drama
Country: Germany
Language: German | English
Duration: 73 min

Stars: Martin Bruchmann, Josef Mattes, Mathias Neuber, Linda Schüle

173902880201311031729393346951306245_000Silent Youth is a film for misfits, dreamers and lovers. It's the classic story of a coming out, but it focuses on the moments one tends to quickly forget: the first approach, the creaking of the chair while sitting across from each other, not knowing what to say. And it's about the silence.
The film tells of the encounter and slow approximation of two young men in Berlin. Marlo, who claims to be visiting his girlfriend, wonders the streets of Berlin where he meets Kirill. He begins to follow him, which seems to impress Kirill. A strange relationship begins to develop between the two of them. The more Kirill exposes about himself, the more confusing it gets for Marlo. They float next to one another, not knowing what the next step could be. Is there really someone to talk to in this strange world? Someone who is just as confused? And isn't it inevitably for this person to be just as crazy? Silent Youth is a film about feeling locked into yourself, but most of all it is a film about love.


06 March 2014

AKA (2002)

Aka-CCAKA (2002)

Director: Duncan Roy
Writer: Duncan Roy
Genre: Drama
Country: UK
Language: English
Year: 2002
Duration: 123 min

Stars: Matthew Leitch, Diana Quick, George Asprey, Lindsey Coulson, Blake Ritson, Peter Youngblood Hills, Sean Gilder

aka1Jedna od čestih karakteristika većine tinejdžera je da žele da budu kao nešto što nisu pa imitriaju razne idole sa kojima se poistovjećuju. Kod gejeva je to skoro pa pravilo sa osnovnom razlikom da ta samoobmana traje mnogo duže nego kod str8 osoba. U nekim slučajevima predje u doživotnu kameleonsku izvitoperenost.

aka2Većina psihijatara opravdanje za takvo ponašanje kod gejeva nalazi u potrebi da sakriju sopstvenu homoseksualnost,  prvo u porodici pa onda u školi, među prijateljima i na kraju na poslu među kolegama. Umotavajući se u sopstvene laži često i sami povjeruju da su nešto što nikada neće biti. Gledao sam slučajeve da sami sebe ubjede da su str8, a da je seks sa muškarcima samo avantura ili zabava. Ožene se i onda ženu posmatraju kao staromodnu prijateljicu sa kojom ne mogu razgovarati o želji da popuše dobar kurac. Nejasno je kako naprave djete, ali definitivno unesreće i sebe i porodicu.
Biti nešto što nisi može biti dobro u mašti, ali u stvarnosti takvo ponašanje ima teške poslijedice.

U ovom istinitom filmu je riječ upravo o tome. Dean još kao dijete sluša majčine priče o životu plemića i bogataša kod kojih je radila. Sticajem okolnosti upoznaje Lady Griffin kod koje se zapošljava koristeći svoju mladalačku ljepotu.  Identifikujući se sa pripadnik visoke klase upada u začarani krug laži, prevare i prostitucije.
Možda nismo uvjek u mogućnosti da ljudima oko sebe priznamo da smo homoseksualci ili nešto drugo, ali je uvjek potrebno razlikovati ono što krijemo od onoga što glumimo.

AKA is a 2002 drama film, the first by director and writer Duncan Roy. The film is set in the late 1970s in Britain and deals with the story of Dean, an 18-year-old boy who assumes another identity in order to enter high society. Dean then meets David, an older gay man who desires him and Benjamin, a young Texan hustler. It is largely an autobiographical account of Duncan Roy's early life.
The screen consists of a row of three frames, showing three perspectives.

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