09 November 2008

Davy and Stu (2006)

Davy and Stu (2006)

Director: Soman Chainani
Writer: Anton Dudley (writer)
Genre: Short | Drama | Romance

(Credited cast)
Nicholas Cutro ... Stu
Travis Walters ... Davy

Runtime: USA:13 min
Country: USA
Language: English

Based on Anton Dudley's award-winning play. As the sun sets over a swampy Scotland bog, two boys meet in the darkness as part of a nightly ritual. Part character study, part love story, DAVY & STU is a heartwrenching look at the intensity of adolescent romance and forbidden love.

This short film tells the story of two young Scottish lads who have met in the damp marshes for one of their secret rendezvous. What ensues is a powerful mix of forbidden love, teenage-angst energy and tender affection.

"Davy & Stu" is a fine example of great acting. Both actors give strong, convincing performances. In particular, Nicholas Cutro(Stu) manages to convey the emotional intensity of his character, without over-acting or spelling-it-out for the audience. Words can be deceiving; the facial expressions, and especially the eyes, are more than enough to tell the truth of a character. From Cutro's performance, we understand Stu's internal struggle; the relentless pressures of social acceptability and his intense (almost over-powering) love for Davy.

This is a very enjoyable and touching short film. Hopefully these young actors will continue with their acting careers, as they put some veteran Hollywood actors to shame.

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